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Our Vision Statement

Our school fosters a love of learning inspired by quality teaching which builds upon individual strengths and talents. Our school works in close partnership with the community to develop citizens who will lead happy and rewarding lives.

Our Aims

  • To provide pupils with a broad, varied and balanced curriculum, delivered by a highly motivated and skilled team of professionals, ensuring each child achieves their full potential.
  • To encourage independent learning through a wide variety of different approaches which meet children's individual needs and abilities.
  • To promote a high level of well being and encourage social development so that all children can acquire the necessary life skills and attributes to become enthusiastic, independent learners inside and outside of school.
  • To provide an environment accessible to all, that is safe, friendly, welcoming and stimulating, in which all children are able to contribute towards and share ownership of.
  • To value and develop partnerships in order to help our children and school become fully active within the heart of our community.