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May 2020

With the HWB up and running with social distancing in place, we created a small working group to develop and maintain the school grounds and woodland area. Myself, Mrs Rose and Mrs Bowring began clearing the now overgrown woods as woodland management is normally undertaken by the children . We had to plan how to develop the area to allow it to be used with Covid restrictions in place. We also planned to develop the old pond area in the woods which was a large over grown hole that was not productive and used up a lot of space.




During our tidy we found the oak tree planted by Mrs Blantern when she retired. She grew this from seed and planted it on her last day with the ECO Committee.


Clearing the area meant that we could move our mud kitchen to allow more access and social distancing when being used.

Clearing also enabled us to monitor the wildlife.

While things on the ground were developing there were also developments in the trees!


All the chicks survived and fledged.


And then they were gone.