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November and December 2023

Some of our sessions got disrupted due to storm Debi, high winds can prove to be dangerous in the woods. We seized the opportunity to focus on other skills such as knots, these will help us in the kinder months with den building and crafts.

We also used this time to get ready for Christmas while understanding how the woodland changes in the winter and what some of our inhabitants need to survive. 

Year 2 created pinecones feeders and have started to risk assess the area for sessions. They are enjoying using the different areas appropriately and exploring the seasons.

Year 3 and Year 4 created Gods Eyes. These represent the basic elements of Earth, Water, Wind and Fire and the four cardinal directions of North, East, South and West. The centre of the eye (the conker) represents the power of seeing and understanding things we cannot normally see. This helped us improve our knotting skills, coordination and sometimes perserverence.

Year 5 enjoyed using tools in preperation for the conker challenge. The conker challenge activity was enjoyed by all and who knew it was a science and maths lesson! They have been using the mud kitchen to create courses for a Christmas Banquet. Year 5 round off with a Christmas Carol gathering in log circle. 

All of the activities have helped us to work together, help each other and improve our skill bases. Woodland Wonders sessions have now stopped until the second week of return to school.