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October 2023

Another busy month!

Its been another busy month in the woods even though the weather has not been on our side. 

Year 2 are having a better understanding of the importance of weather and our safety and have started to link this to our verbal risk assessing. They have also started to independently use the different areasof the woods and on our last week due to the weather, stayed inside to make wands.

Year 3 have been enjoying the new mud kitchen which was designed by year 5. They have risen to the opportunity of working with people they don't normally work with, finding out more about them and creating each others favourite meals using natural materials. 

Year 4 have helped to develop a special area in the woods for Harry and Sid to help us with our feelings. They have been building new friendships and working together, especially in the Challenge Island.

Year 5 have been learning about senses, loss of sight and trust. They also found out a loss of sense heightened other senses and they enjoyed the practical experience. They have also enjoyed creating new area names for the woodland to help with risk assessing. Some of Year 5 also enjoyed creating potions, recipes, wands and creating skeletons.