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Spring 2021

As some of our sessions were sadly cancelled due to Covid, we turned to online challenges that could be done from home.

Challenges were sent out at the beginning of the week and involved tasks such as building dens, bird watching and spotting signs of spring. By bird watching at home, we were still able to participate in the RSPB bird count challenge.

We applied for an orchard of fruit trees, which was a project with Natural Resources Wales. We had to provide details of our plans for the future, which we hope will extend our Green Finger Fridays to a Community Garden level allowing use on a regular basis to parents, grandparents etc with or without siblings. This would provide a valuable learning experience and help to enhance the school grounds.

Woodland Wonders sessions continued with lots of maintenance of the area giving pupils the opportunity to use tools safely. This also gave us an opportunity to use our dead wood resources in a productive way by improving log piles and hotels for bugs.

We also focused on a story called The Tin Forest which taught us all about the importance of helping each other and looking after our environment ensuring our rubbish is disposed of correctly.

Spring was also busy in the poly tunnel planning for the next growth season, sorting seeds, gardening resources and planning what we could plant that would fruit at the right time.