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Woodland Wonders Sept 2016/17
Yet another busy year for Woodland Wonders. Sessions are now running successfully from Reception through to Year 5. Once again our parent helpers have proved to be worth their weight in gold, sessions simply could not run without them. The parent  helpers have become a strong link to the community and often provide practical input to sessions. Our student Mrs Jones has completed her course and secured a role in another school. Reception and Year 1 have increased in confidence, their speech has become clearer and there use of vocabulary has increased along with their knowledge of their surroundings and awareness of others around them. Their respect for their environment has grown and they have improved looking after things and are becoming more responsible for putting things away correctly and changing independently. Both classes
have started to have a lovely caring / responsible attitude towards each other ,looking after each other, helping each other and providing moral support and encouragement of each other while completing tasks.
Year 2 have progressed well with their sessions in the woods and have particularly enjoyed the responsibility of risk assessing and recording it. This activity has had a very positive effect on their behaviour and general safety in the woods. Year 2 to 5 all participated in a special grant applied for by ECO Committee this year, Natural Buzz. The Natural Buzz grant enables schools to encourage pollinators into school grounds to help increase dwindling numbers. In groups using our ECO representatives in each year group we researched the types of plants that we would need to encourage pollinators. It was decided that we would target moths and butterflies as they would not pose any harm to the pupils and we already had a partically appropriate environment for them that would only need enhancing. All year groups enjoyed preparing and planting the area and
have completed measuring surveys of the plants and counts of pollinators and are pleased with all the results and the enhancement of this area of the school. Our participation in the RSPB proved that our environment is continuing to develop and everyones identification skill have improved. We have been lucky enough to become a release site for hedgehogs thanks to contact with Jackie Hartery who is part of the hedgehog preservation society. She showed us how to prepare and maintain their new hotels and we are really happy that one hedgehog, Hamish has returned to hibernate.