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Please note, some of these dates may change, and where this occurs, we will try to inform parents in plenty of time to make arrangements where necessary.
Additional events will be added throughout the term once dates are confirmed. Please read the weekly newsletter for updates and amendments, for e.g. class visits to St Athan Library, Sporting events, Pupil Progress Coffee Morning, Visiting Speakers, and Military College with Years 5/6.

Summer Term

Thursday 21st June - Football event

Friday 22nd June - Sports Day

Wednesday 27th June - Reception meeting for New Parents

                                        World Cup Wednesday

Thursday 28th June
9.15am Year 1 Class Assembly
11.30am Barry and District Photographer in to take photos of our school
Friday 29th June -
Nursery Open Day
6pm Transition Concert for Year 6 pupils at Llantwit Major Secondary School (please could all pupils wear school uniform)
Tuesday 3rd July -
Year 4 transition day to Llantwit Major Secondary School
Year 2 and 3 Transition Trip to Mountain View Ranch 
Wednesday 4th July -
9.15am Reception Class Assembly
Year 5 transition day to Llantwit Major Secondary School.
4 pupils to attend a celebration of the work done on our  School Improvement Project about Roller Coasters with  Mrs. Harris and Mrs. Haynes
Transtion Disco at Llantwit major Secondary School 6.30pm – 8pm
Advance Notice
Friday 6th July - 9.15am Nursery Assembly
2 Year 6 pupils to attend Cowbridge Secondary School Science  Workshop
Wednesday 11th July -
1pm Dental Service in to visit Nursery, Reception and Year 1 Classes




NB Please note that dates could be subject to change and more events added. Please keep an eye on weekly newsletters for any changes.


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