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*PTA Easter egg hunt**  🐰reception to year 6 only 🐇 (nursery have their own egg hunt)
This is during school hours and includes a MEDIUM sized egg.
£1.50 per child 😁
This will be a fun Easter egg hunt, with and a few educational questions to answer along the way. There will be a visit from THUMPER the bunny, and CHESTER the chick. A real fun afternoon for all. 🌞
Please send all monies into the office in a names envelope.
Thank you


🐰🐰 PTA team 🐰🐰








Even though we are heading towards the end of the school year the PTA will be busy at some exciting events.

The School sale on Friday 14th will have the popular tombola and refreshments stalls and donations of items for the tombola or cakes stall would be most gratefully received. 

On the 19th there will be a BBQ and karaoke sing along for Year Six along with a celebration cake this is fully funded by the PTA the children don't need to bring anything except their singing voices and a good appetite.

We would also like to let you know what the PTA have been able to fund due to your and the wider communities generous support during the spring and summer terms.

We were all truly humbled by the amount of raffle donations received for the Easter Fete. The whole community really did us proud and with the raised money the PTA was able to fully fund Rugby Kit so the rugby team have matching kit!



Three costumes have been purchased which will be available for many events in the future (the children have loved them) .We will have photos of the third one shortly.


Year Six transition disco tickets .The children were a credit to the school and the St Athan primary PTA t-shirts received lots of positive comments we can see a trend starting!!




Once again a big thank you to everyone for the help and support the PTA has received.


Emma Hanson, Beth Davies, Kim Box, Liz Banks, Julie Lynch-Wilson, Sarah Marshall, Lizzi Lewis, Michelle Robinson-Booth, Karen Whitelam, Anne Stephenson, Anne Beechey, Kelly Carey, Helen Ackland, Hannah Rippingale, Maria Bevan.

St Athan Primary School PTA take part in several regular events each year these are:

Christmas Fayre, Refreshments at Christmas Concerts, Spring Fayre, Summer Fayre, Yaer 6 leavers BBQ.

The PTA also organise occasional cake sales, one off charity events and outside school events like the highly popular school quiz.

Charity Events

The PTA believes that giving back to the wider community is important so as well as fundraising towards school projects the PTA also hold one off charity events often linked to local news or with strong connections to pupils of the school.

Charity events have included selling ribbons for the April Jones Fund, Flood Relief cake sale, CLAPPA head shave and coffee morning, pup quiz for Mackenzie at the time a year 6 pupil and highly talented sports person to achieve her goal training overseas and the most recent charity event a coffee morning for Macmillan.


Summer Fayre

The Summer Fayre was blessed with fine weather and was well attended. The PTA raised a magnificent £221.24. The PTA can only continue to hold events with the support of the parents and staff so we would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the successful fundraising this year.

Looking Forward

 If you are able to help at events or have any suggestions for future events please look in the weekly news letter of PTA meetings. All welcome!

For the date of next meeting keep checking the weekly newsletter please feel free to pop along.

Everyone Welcome!

Easter Fair

The Easter fair was a great success fun was had by all, a huge thank you for all your donations, and thank you to all whom helped make it a great time we raised a huge £277, and this will help towards giving the year 6 a great send-off thanks again for all your support.

The PTA also raised £359 towards Mackenzie’s trip to Los Angeles to join team GB in the under 12 division in line hockey.

CLAPA charity coffee morning.

Lizzi Lewis would like to thank all the staff, children and parents who donated money and bought cakes at the cake sale on Monday and Tuesday. A big thank you also goes to all members of the PTA who helped to make and sell cakes. From the cake sales alone, we raised £117.20. We also had collection tins available and the total amount in these was £182.92. On top of this, we also have an online giving page which currently stands at £520 meaning the current amount for all donations is a staggering £820.12. Of course none of this would be possible without the huge sacrifice made by Kelly Carey. She has done an amazing thing that will have an impact on so many lives. Thank you all.