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Our Eco- Committee


Eco Morning 

We have had an interesting morning exploring our Carbon Foot print with a few other schools from the Vale Of Glamorgan



Our brand new Logo!!!!



Summer Term

ECO Committee trip to Cog Moors.

On Thursday 12 May ECO went on a trip to Cog Moors. When we arrived we went into a classroom, we were met by a teacher called Rachel who looked after us for the day.
We had to put on High visibility jackets for our visit to keep us safe. Rachel took us up into the woods where there was a village, it was set up just like a Ugandon village.  We all split into families and had jobs to do like washing dishes, feeding animals but we had to walk to the lake for our water.  We were lucky and only had to walk for about 10 mins but in Uganda they walk for hours, then we had to draw the water from the lake which was tricky and carry it back to the village to do our jobs.
In real life we were only in the village for a few hours but to us we pretended it was two days, on the first day lots of us ran out of water before we did all our jobs.  On the second day we couldn’t go back to the lake for our water because the other villagers had used it all up so we had to walk to a polluted well, there wasn’t much water at all and it looked disgusting.  Rachel explained to us about Water Aid, who help to bring water to villages and build wells, when we walked back to our pretend village we were really lucky that we had had a visit from Water Aid so we were able to do our jobs, this meant that our vegetables grew, our animals gave us eggs and milk and we had enough water to keep us healthy.  It was hard work and carrying the water made our arms hurt.  We are very lucky in this country.
In the afternoon we did some experiments with Rachel to show us what should and shouldn’t go down a toilet. We should only put 4ps down the toilet, poo, pee, puke and toilet paper.  We then had a look around the sewage works, it was a bit smelly.
We all had an amazing time and really enjoyed the whole experience.

ECO Community Litter Pick.

ECO Committee enjoyed a very soggy but successful village litter pick on 11 May the group gathered a huge bag of rubbish from the village. We were joined by PCSO Linda Fraser, David Elston (Community Councillor), Brian Acott (Community Councillor and school Governor) and Mrs Lynch Wilson, (school Governor). The ECO Committee very grateful to have all the appropriate equipment from Keep Wales Tidy to ensure everyone’s safety.

As a reward for all their hard work the group were given sweets by “The Lifestyle Express” shop

Spring Term

We have now successfully twinned with Buwabwala Primary School, the Head teacher is called Mr Peter and there are approximately 845 pupils aged between 6 and 17.

We have found out that there school is completely different to ours as you can see from the pictures. They have no electricity, no computers and don’t have school dinners but have to take food to school themselves if they want it. Parents have to provide the books and pencils for their children and have to pay for them to attend school.

There school day is also longer than ours starting at 8.30am until 10.30 am then then continuing at 2pm until 5pm.



Fair Trade Week

St Athan School celebrated Fairtrade Fortnight by holding a Fairtrade Tuck Shop for the week of 7 March.  Mrs MacNamara very kindly came and talked to us in assembly all about Fair Trade and helped to provide us with all the goods that we sold.



Autumn Term 2015

Autumn term was a very busy term for the ECO Committee as we had to do our annual review. This annual review helps us to work towards our third green flag and helps us to highlight the areas we still need to work on such as paper recycling, energy saving and litter in our school grounds.

To help cut down on recycling the ECO Committee gave a special assembly to the school to show them the new Happy and Sad faces that are going on to our recycling bins.  Sad faces go on if paper has not been used on both sides. ECO Committee is going to keep regular checks on all recycling bins in school to make sure they are all happy!!

To try to cut down on energy we took part in Switch Off Fortnight.

 Switch Off Fortnight was 16 November to 29 November and the ECO Committee presented an assembly to the whole school. For the two weeks an extra effort was made to shut windows and doors and as a result as a school we saved 160 units of electricity and 104 units of gas. This highlighted how much we can save with just a little effort from everybody.


ECO Committee have also reduced the amount of paper that was being recycled by recycling themselves and using as BIO Diversity Diaries in Year 4 Woodland Wonders sessions, if this proves to be successful they may be used in all sessions of Woodland Wonders instead of Thought Leaves.

On 10 November Jessica Gulwell and Daniel Sloper gave a presentation to the school governors telling them all the work that ECO Committee was undertaking, the Governors were very impressed.  As ECO were concerned about litter in our school it was put to the Governors that we would do a village litter pick. We are now going to try to arrange a village litter pick in the Spring/Summer Term to which a school governor will attend along with the community officer and a representative from Keep Wales Tidy. We will keep you posted. We also had a new bin to help with litter at the back of the school.

Also in the Autumn Term we had a visit from Mr & Mrs Rikard who work on behalf of  PONT (Partnership Overseas Network Trust) who came to our school and did a special assembly all about Uganda.  It all looked very different to our way of life. Following the visit we are in the process of twinning our school with a primary school in Uganda. They also gave a workshop to teach us how to make some traditional jewellery and showed us some traditional pictures that had been made.

Spring Term 2015  

Autumn Term 2014

This term has seen some changes in our Eco Committee, with lots more to come.

Once again our Eco Warriors have started to shut doors, turn off lights and monitor our recycling bins. We are also currently monitoring the use of electricity + water and undergoing investigations of further reducing school consumption.

With the recent addition of Mrs Simkiss to the team we are currently considering re organising our school Eco policy and logo..... so watch this space!

We have also just taken part in the 20 years celebration of Eco Schools by burying a time capsule, to be dug back up in 2034. This task was completed by all of the Eco committee members with the help of our governors Mrs Lynch-Wilson and Mr Acott.


Spring Term 14

On the 21st of February Julie Giles the Eco Schools Assesor, came out to see if we had done enough throughout the 2 years to earn our Second Green Flag!

Eco Commitee took Julie on a tour around the school. We are pleased to announce we have gained our 2nd Green Flag.

Julie Giles has Commented to say we have

  • Very enthusiastic and knowledgeable Eco Commitee 
  • Good Community links
  • Good Curriculum links and great learning Indoor/Outdoor woodland area
  • the school site was recorded as grade A for litter - Litter free 
Summer Term 14

Good News We have been awarded our 2nd Green Flag!

We are updating our Eco Committee Display and create a large interactive area to help all children across the school to have a better understanding of Eco Matters. We are also being reassessed for our Green Flag Award.

Our jobs are to try and keep the playground clean, safe and tidy. We are picking up all litter, we have also persuaded people to bring more fruit in for snack. 


 We created a bug Hotel!

We built bird boxes!