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Nursery Times


Morning Session: 8:50am – 11.30am 


Afternoon Session: 12.20pm – 3.00pm




A few reminders!


Please could you ring the school if your child is going to be absent from Nursery, so we can record the absence correctly in our registers, and it is also the main school policy to send in a letter on return – thank you.

 Please could we ask for a contribution of £1 a week to cover our snack/cooking costs, to be put in an envelope on Monday, and posted in the post box by the entrance.  Don’t forget to encourage your child to write their name as much as possible eg on the snack envelope, on greeting cards...   Please note, we greatly rely on this contribution, and would appreciate your support in providing regular payments.  If you find it more convenient, you can pay half termly – thank you.

PE/Movement lessons every Wednesday.  Please could you ensure your child is wearing suitable footwear and clothing on this day eg trainers, jogging bottoms…

Talk topics are illustrated on the weekly newsletter.  Please try to talk about these with your child, in preparation for our Big Writing Activity.

Storysacks every other Friday – Please ensure these are used under ADULT SUPERVISION, and that all contents are returned on the following Tuesday at the latest.  Use the Parent Prompt card contents list as a checklist.

Home-reading book bags – your child will choose a book and bring home every Friday, to be returned to Nursery by the following Friday.  Inside this bag is also a “word folder “, containing words that your child is learning, along with the Jolly Phonic booklet, so children can practise their sounds.  Please keep all resources inside the bag, so we can go over them at the end of the week.

 Please do not allow your child to bring in toys or jewellery into Nursery except on special days, for example, birthdays

Please ensure that all clothes, especially jumpers, coats, and waterproofs, are clearly labelled with your child’s name.

During the wet weather, if you wish to leave your child’s wellingtons in school, please ensure they are named, and placed in the cloakroom storage area.