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Special Delivery

Reception are being farmers for a few weeks. We are looking after 12 eggs. We are so looking forward to our chicks hatching in 21 days!


On Friday PC Sian and her colleague came in to check the parking outside our school with the JRSO’s to make sure that they weren’t parked illegally. Whilst we were outside we saw that some people parked on the double yellow lines so we either had to give them a ticket or special warnings to parents who were parking unsafe. The JRSO’s had to wear hi-vis jackets and a police hat. We had to write down their licence plate numbers and take pictures of it. They had a warning sheet given to them and tell them that if they park unsafely again they will be getting a £30 fine. Altogether we gave out 4 parking tickets. We hope that this will send a message to parents.
Written by JRSO's

Year 3 Warburton’s Bread

On Thursday 8th February Year 3 had a visit from Warburton’s bread. They taught us how to
wash and have baker’s hands. We wore orange aprons and hairnets and we all looked beautiful.
We were put in groups and we all took turns in putting in salt, yeast and water in flour. 1 person
in each group was chosen to mix the ingredients all together with their hands, it made a sticky
mess but formed dough. The dough was cut into balls and we had to knead it to make it smooth
and not sticky.
After we started to shape our dough into Celtic designs. Once finished they went into the oven
to rise up and bake. We all had our bread rolls to take home they were delicious and scrummy. 
Written by Year 3

Christmas Choir

There is a link to access all the choir music

Choir Music


Konflux Theatre

Year 6 were lucky enough to have Mark from Konflux Theatre come in. In just one day the children learned, rehearsed and performed Shakespeare’s play, “The Tempest”. The children worked extremely hard to remember all their parts. The children found the day hard work but rewarding. “The best bit was working together on certain parts. Everyone enjoyed the final performance, and agreed the children had achieved a lot in a small amount of time. 

Llancaiach Fawr

On Wednesday we went on the best trip ever to Llancaiach Fawr. First we visited the Jumbo Tudor
Manor House. The floor was extremely uneven it made me feel weird. We first saw a princesses’
bedroom, a man told us how expensive it was but he was not trying to brag. Next we went into their
daughter’s room and there were no curtains because they would pull them down. The man said they
didn’t have any carpets because they would spill food and drinks on it. After that we went to the small
kitchen, it had a lit fire. We made plague bags. We went to another kitchen. After that it was the big
kitchen and saw dead animals such as rabbits, birds and more. We had a fantastic day in Llancaiach

Celtic Day 

Celtic Day for Year 3.
We made Celtic torcs and decorated them using pasta and gold paint. Celts wore torcs in battle to show how powerful they were. We also learnt how to wear different types of materials because this is how the Celts made their clothes. We had our faces painted with blue face paint to symbolise the blue woad they painted their faces with when going into battle. We also made shield and swords. In the afternoon we had a quiz about the Celts and ended the day off with a battle. We had a great day and found out so much about the Celts. 

Barry War Museum

Year 6 visit to Barry War Museum On Wednesday 20th September Year 6 visited Barry War Museum to learn more about Barry and the surrounding district during World War 2. The children participated in singing a song that soldiers sang during both World Wars 1 and 2. It was fascinating hearing a real air raid siren going off and looking inside a replicated trench that soldiers had to use. The children thoroughly enjoyed their experience and looking at other WW2 artefacts. 

World Book Day! 

Pupils at St Athan Primary celebrated World Book day in style this year by dressing up as characters from books.
They spend the day working on fun literacy tasks and using their books to extend and challenge their understanding of stories.
They did a Whole School Reading Challenge and managed to read 1000 words in a day.
What a fun experience for all.

St Davids Day Celebrations

Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant Hapus i pawb, oddi wrth St Athan Primary School


Show Racism the Red Card

On Monday the 5th February Year 3 and 4 had a visitor from Show Racism the Red Card. He showed us that racism is wrong and that we should never judge anyone by the colour of their skin or their nationality. 


Bedtime Stories

As part of our priority to encourage more children to read for enjoyment and to foster a love of reading, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 pupils got together for a bedtime story session. The children thoroughly enjoyed the teachers reading bedtime stories to them followed by listening to Julia Donaldson read one of her very own stories, whilst drinking milk and eating cookies in our pyjamas. This created a cosy, relaxed atmosphere which was enjoyed by all pupils and staff involved.

Reading Cafes

A huge thank you to all those parents who attended the reading cafes last week.The staff and children were very pleased to see so many parents there. I hope you found them useful.

We are thinking of running maths cafés next term.


Cross Country 

Well done to our Cross Country team, who recently competed in the Inter-school Cross-Country Competition at St Illtyds Primary School. Special recognition goes to Josie and Preston who were out top-placed girl and boy accordingly. However, all children tried their best and although we didn’t win the competition, we are very proud of you all. 


Cardiff Blues Workshops

On Thursday Cardiff  Blues came in and taught us a few things about tag rugby.

Year 5 had a lot of fun playing rugby games. Our teachers and Ben and Ed were really kind and when we didn’t catch the rugby ball they just laughed and said “Pay attention!”

This was one of the best PE lessons we’ve had in Year 5, and we are looking forward to our next lesson.

Reading Buddies


Reading Buddies sessions are back up and running!


Year 4 Warburtons Workshop

Warburtons came in to make sandwiches and we had to use cheese, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, sweetcorn, ham, tuna and chicken.

They showed us the ‘eat well plate’ and told us what we should eat. They showed a video about how to make bread and we had to wear a hair net and an apron. We had to wash our hands and use ‘baker’s hands’.

Lucy and Keaton

Year 4 Lead Creative Schools Project

On January 4th, Year 4 went on a school trip to Llandaff and Cardiff Bay. First we met Clary and Michael. We then went to Mrs Pratchett’s sweet shop from the Roald Dahl book ‘Boy’, which has turned into a Chinese take a way. There was a plaque in memory of Roald Dahl.  After the sweet shop we visited a secret garden, it was the Bishops garden where they grew various herbs to add flavour to food and also to make cures for the sick.

We toured round the Cathedral. It was very interesting. It had an organ that cost £1.5 million pounds.

Also we went to Cardiff Bay and ate our lunch, after lunch we went to the Norwegian Church where Michael made up a story with our help.

There were lots of facts about Roald Dahl in the Norwegian Church. We had a great time.


Visit from Fire Service

Year 5 and Year 2  enjoyed a visit f rom t he local f ire service on Thursday 29t h November.They learnt about safet y with matches and what to do if they ever discover a f ire. The children asked t he f iremen som e very int erest ing q uest ions, including

“what happens if there is a f ire in your stat ion?"

 “How do you know where the other f iremen are during a f ire?”

 Everyone in year 2 had a chance to try on t he fireman helmet and gloves. The children couldn’t believe how heavy they were. The best part was when we went out sid e to look at the different parts of the f ire engine. 

Show Racism the Red Card

On Thursday 17th November Show Racism the Red card came into school to work with Year 5 and 6. We played games and discussed what racism is. We learnt that you should never judge a book by its cover. We enjoyed learning about racism and even spotted a few famous footballers in the video clips that we watched. By Baillee  and Maddie  

Choir playback
By clicking on the link below, you will be able to access all the playback tracks for the choir's Christmas concerts. 
Please feel free to make use of this opportunity should your child wish to do some extra singing practice at home.
With best wishes,
Mr Maurer

Year 5 Song for the Euros

Football fever has well and truly hit Wales we have taken our support one step further by creating our own Euro 2016 anthem.

Year 5 pupils have spent two weeks putting together the song, which they have not only written the lyrics too, but have also composed the chord sequence and tune to create the perfect match for their lyrics. The track is called “Great Welsh Dragon”.

Our song has been played on Bro Radio and BBCWales Radio. 

Have a listen here

Year 5 Euro 2016

This half term our year 5 class are completing all their work based on Euro 2016. They have had the opportunity to visit Dragon Park welsh Football trust, where Wales trained before going to the Euro 2016. The Children have even managed to appear on the FAW trust website

Fancy Dress Walk

Fancy Dress Walk On Tuesday 21st June, all children in the school were invited to dress up as a famous sports person or any other costume of their choice in order to do the fancy dress walk, and what a lovely display of costumes there were! All children had great fun walking around the field and the playgrounds. We raised £151 for PE equipment so thank you to all parents for supporting this event, and a special thank you to those parents who also came along and joined in with the fun! 

ECO Litter Pick 

We are very proud of our Eco club this week despite the rain there were out litter picking in the village.

Football Tournament

Well done to our Football team!

Who were so close to claiming the trophy for the third year on the trot.

They were unbeaten, but the last match was a draw. 



Llangrannog Year 6 

An amazing 3 days was had by all the children. 

St David's Day Celebrations

Amazing effort from all the children, in all the competitions!

We have fantastic talentented children here in St Athan.

Da iawn to our Bardic Chair this year "The Artist"

Cultural Week! 

All the classes looked at a country for a whole week! Looking at the types of food eaten,

languages spoken, how big the country is. All the children an esciting week learning about a new culture. 

Santa Fly Over School

Children and staff were all extremely excited to watch Santa fly over our school and give us a wave while out checking the local flight paths ready for the big night.


Maths Challenge

This November our school took part in the Rural Vale Maths Challenge. 

Llongyfarchiadau I Megan, Ralph, Jake a Connor for coming 5th in the competition. 

We are very proud of you!


Phil Carradice

Year 6 have had the pleasure of working with the Author Phil Carradice in the Autumn term. The Children have spent time working with Phil writing their own poetry using similes and metaphors!

Rugby with Cardiff Blues

Year 5 have the opportunity to learn tag rugby skills from the Cardiff Blues.

Rugby World Cup Madness

All our junior classes enjoyed an afternoon of rugby fun with everyone taking part and learning about the World Cup atmosphere

Year 3 Library Visit

Year 5 Visit to Library 

Year 6 CSI at Llantwit Major Comprehensive

Congratulations to Jake, Megan and Atlanta for being the CSI winners 2015-16 in Llantwit Major Secondary School competion. 

Winners of the CSI Day

Fitness Friday

On Fridays we are promoting healthy living and fitness activities. We are currently
enjoying a fitness routine during assembly with the teachers.



Head Boy and Girl School Council 2015/2016.

Meet our newly elected Head boy and girl also our school Council.



Fancy Dress Walk

Yesterday the sun shone brightly as all children from Foundation Phase and KS2 (with some parents too!) paraded around the field in a variety of wonderful costumes for our Annual Fancy Dress Walk. Some walked faster than others and did lots and lots of laps within the hour that was allocated, whilst others especially those with little legs were a little slower. It was good fun!

Thank you for your £1 donation for this event. We raised £120 and this will be used for additional P.E. Resources.


Rainforest Workshop Years 4-6

On Tuesday a man called Nigel came into school and taught us about Rainforests and what is happening to them. Nigel told us that the Welsh Rainforests in Wales are being chopped down to plant palm trees, which provide a type of coconut shaped nut which makes soap from the white stuff in the middle and then the orange fleshy bits are made in to palm oil which, looks a little bit like dog droppings! Nigel passed a sample of the orange palm oil around and we all smelt it and Liam even ATE some! We then played a little game where 1 person was a shopping aisle holding 2 packs of digestive biscuits, one with palm oil and another without palm oil. If you were the customer then you had to choose between the non-palm oil biscuits. If you chose the non-palm oil biscuits then you win nothing!!! After that Nigel discussed the importance of buying non-palm oil food such as:

·         SOME digestive biscuits

·         Pot Noodle

·         Pringles

·         Peanut butter and

·         Clover butter

All we ask of you is to use less products with palm oil in because if you do then you can help us save rainforests all around the globe.

By Jessica Year 5

Mini Enterprise Day for Year 5

On Monday 22nd June, Year 5 had the opportunity to work with Doug who specialises in running enterprise projects. The children worked in teams to develop a design idea that they will make over the next couple of weeks and sell in our school fair.

The children will be given an amount of money to buy their resources. Any profits made will go towards their end of school class party.




On the 12th June, year 5 and 6 netball team played in an event held at our school. There were schools from around our area – Eagleswell Primary, Rhws and St Illtyd.

As we set up for our first game we found out that we were playing against St Illtyd. We lost to them 5-1 but Ralph scored 1.

In the second game we played against Eagleswell. In that game it was 3-1 to St Athan. We won!

In the last game we played against Rhws and it was a draw 2-2.

The games after that were Rhws vs St Illtyd and St Illtyd vs Eagleswell.

We came second and St Illtyd came first. It was a really fun day!

By Jade, Jake and Ralph

Pirates Day in Year 4

On Monday we dressed like real pirates in the Tudor times. The activities were all in a cool pirate booklet. We did lots of activities like drawing our own treasure maps using co-ordinates. We did some fun research about pirates on the IPad. We made our own wanted posters. We listened to Sea Shanty music. We had a fun day.

By Holly and Josie

Year 5 Aberthaw Trip


Visitors to Year 2 Balfour Beatty

Balfour Beatty gave a PowerPoint presentation to the class 2 about pond life during their Woodland Wonders time.

Music Accross the school

Year 6 cycling proficiency

Cricket with Year 6 and Year 3 


Football Tournament

Another football win for St Athan Primary 
Well done!

On Thursday 21st May we entered the Rural Vale 7-a-side football tournament at Eagleswell. As we had won it last year, we had confidence going into it. 

Our first game we played Rhws and unfortunately lost 3-2 so we thought it was over. In our second game we won 3-0 against St Illtyds and then we found we were back in the game! Our third game neither team could score so it finished 0-0. 

Then we had to wait a few games but then we were on the pitch. We were in third place but then thrashed Llanilltud Fawr 4-0 and then finished 1st!

In joint third was St Illtyds and Eagleswell and in joint second was Rhws and Llanilltud Fawr but we came first. 

We felt happy that we won (again!)

By Dewi and Nick 

Literacy Competition 

On 14th May 2015, a selection of children were chosen to go to St Illtyds Primary school for a Literacy Competition. There were 8 rounds in total including a poetry problem, a spelling bee, count down and conundrum.

In the poetry problem we were given a poem called ‘The Listeners’ by Walter De La Mare, and given a sheet of questions and they were all very hard questions. We scored 6 points. We did the spelling bee round and scored 4 out of 6 points, it was very easy. After we played count down. Count down is where you try and make the longest word out of the letters given. We scored 5 points out of 5 points. The last round was count down, count down is where someone has a word and jumbles it up then they give us one minute to un-jumble it. It was very hard and we scored 0 points. In total we scored 15 points. Llangan and Peterston came joint first. We came second with 15 points and St Illtyd came third with 7 points. We all had fun.

By Alex  and Megan Year 5 


Year 4 Dance

After listening to Benjamin Britten’s “Storm” as part of the BBC Ten Pieces project, the children composed and recorded their own Storm Music.  
Then, Mrs Elmer from the National Dance Company Wales came in and over the course of five rehearsals, the children developed their own dance routine to a mixture of their own and Benjamin Britten’s music.                                   
The  sixth and final rehearsal took place at Dance House Wales, which is part of the Wales Millenium Centre. Not only did all the professional dancers watch and admire the children’s work, they also gave us the chance to watch them practise part of their own current programme! Thank you Mrs Elmer for organising this opportunity, and all your hard work!
After lunch, we went to see  Welsh National Opera’s dress rehearsal of their new family opera “Peter Pan”. We are very grateful to the company for providing free tickets.
There was time for  a short  stroll around  the Bay, visiting landmark buildings such as the Norwegian Church where Roald Dahl was christened. Then it was time to return home.  

Cultural Week

What an amazing week of learning we have had. Every class has really made a fantastic effort and are enjoying their cultural experiences. Please see our twitter account for more photos. During this week we are also keeping a strong focus on numeracy and exploring mathematical strategies by looking at population, temperature, time differences, currency and lots more.




Gymnastic Certificates


Head Boy and Head Girl


School Council

Teddy Bears Picnic

Fantastic  weather to hold our Foundation Phase Teddy Bears picnic. 

Year 3 showing their Haka skills during cultural week.

Football Shield Winners

Football News

During the Summer term St Athan Primary School football team won the Llantwit Major Cluster schools football tournament. We are the current holders of a very impressive shield, however, the shield has been used for many years and was full!! Great news, we have bought a new shield and engraved our schools success on it.

Year  2 Summer assembly Powerpoints

Sports Day 2014



Year 2 Musical performance at Stanwell School

Year 5 videos. All about our school

Sponsored Walk

We had a brilliant turn out for the sponsored walk lots of fantastic outfits.

Mini World Cup Fun


As part of our health and fitness week KS2 held a mini world cup tournament. The teams were Brazil, Spain, Holland, France and Ivory Coast. There were 4 fields of games taking place. We all had so much fun and it was a superb afternoon in the glorious sunshine. Brazil was the winning team. Well done to everyone who took part!

report by 

Jasmine  and Nicholas Y5

Year 1 Plantasia Trip

On Tuesday 24th June, Year 1 children enjoyed a fun filled trip to Plantasia in Swansea. 

The children were very interested in looking at different plants and animals that live in the rainforest and they took part in a treasure trail discovering new and interesting facts.

After lunch they performed some of the songs from their assembly in a more realistic background which they thoroughly enjoyed.

‘I liked the bearded dragon because it had lots of spikes.’ Nikita 

‘I liked the Green Winged Macaw because it likes to eat Jaffa cakes.’ Mark C.

The children behaved superbly throughout.


Dosbarth 3 trip to St Fagans!

On Wednesday 21st May, Dosbarth 3 went on a class trip to visit the Celts at St Fagans. When we were there we met Ian who was our guide for the day. Ian showed us lots of different types of plants and told us what the Celts used them for. Next we sat around a campfire and we got to hold Celtic artefacts. We held lots fo diffferent tools, a sword and a Celtic jewellery. After sitting around the campfire, we helped build the farmstead walls; we got reall muddy and covered in daub. After that we got to be Celtic Warriors and threw spears at Roman Heads. Lots of us were really good! Finally we made a Celtic Bracelet out of black wool, which we got to bring home with us. We all had an amazing time in St Fagans learning all about the Celts.

Mexico day in year 2

Year 2 enjoyed a 3 course dining feast n Monday 9th June to kick start their new topic -Wish you were here! We sampled a range of food from Mexico and listened to music. We described all of the food we tasted and then wrote some fantastic menus. 


Year 4 Trip to Llancaiach Fawr

On Tuesday the 20th of May class four went to Llanncaiach Fawr. The bus trip took about an hour.

When we got there we were met by a lady called Rachel. She explained that the house was being repaired but there were still lots for us to see and do. Rachel told us that we would meet actors who were acting as the servants from the house and that they would be speaking in old sounding English.

We also went to the house and met the music master. He took us to the court room where the master of the house ‘tried’ people who had done wrong.  We heard about some of the punishments that were used. After looking at that room we went to the private family room. It was very different from our rooms!  No electric things or toys.

 Next we went to the servant’s hall where we heard about the sort of life the servants had and the jobs they did. Some of the jobs they did were disgusting! We also learned about the plague and made plague bags.

After lunch we went to see the barber-surgeon. We decided that we prefer the doctors in our times because some of the things Tudor doctors did wouldn't really help you get better. We got back to school in time to have a quick playtime before going home.

Year 1 Trip to St Fagans

St Fagan’s Fun

On Friday 4th April, Year 1 enjoyed a wonderful trip to St Fagan’s to compare houses long ago with houses from today. They visited different thatched cottages and the Rhydacar cottages to identify different household objects and how they have changed over time. They were able to compare old irons, hot water bottles and cameras with how they look today.

The children soon realised that life long ago was very different with no electricity or toilets and bathrooms inside!

We were very lucky with the weather and were able to walk around a lot of St Fagan’s.

A great day was had by all and the children were so well behaved.

Year 3 Instructional Video How to make a sandwich


Year 6 Tathan Project

The Galilee Chapel Opening

We went to the Galilee Chapel where we presented our special film on Sain Tathan. The Bishop and other schools from Llaniltud Fawr also attended. Mr Huw Butler hosted the service. All the schools had a presentaion that we all watched. We were also shown some Celtic stones which were very interesting.Cobi was very relaxed during our turn to present but the rest of us were very nervous.

By Cobi-Joe, Ryan, Alana and Dylan.

Year 5 Drumming Workshop

On the Friday before half term Year 5 had a lovely surprise as part of our creative week. For music this term we have been learning about African music. The Phelps music company came to work with us and let us have a go at some of the African musical instruments. We all had a chance to play the Djembe drum, the Ghana bells and the Shekere shakers. We all played different rhythms as a class. This really helped us to learn about African music.



Year 5 to Aberthaw

On Wednesday 9th October, class 5 went to Aberthaw Power Station. First of all we went onto the roof top, we saw lots of different things including solar panels (to power the building) rain water (for the toilets) and a cooling dome that was out at sea, which is used for cooling the Power Station.

After that we went into the classroom, the building was called, ACE2. It stands for Aberthaw Centre of energy and environment. Once we got in the building we met Rhys. He was teaching us in the classroom about habitats around the Power Station and the animals that live in them.

Then we went on a 2 hour walk. On the way we saw lots of interesting things, we got to use binoculars to see different types of birds.

We saw lots of insects and plants. We walked around the lagoon and saw swans. It was really interesting to explore different habitats.

At the end of the day we each received a chocolate Freddo.



By Izzy Chiplin